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Individual Eyebrow Extension Training

Eyebrow extensions are the perfect add on service to complement eyelash extensions.  Eyebrow extensions are individual synthetic brow hairs that imitate natural brow hairs and can add color, length, and density. You can apply the eyebrow extensions to either the natural brows or directly onto the skin.  Brow Extension Glues are hypo allergenic and safe to apply onto the skin.  It bonds within a few seconds and can last 7-14 days with proper care.  Brows are waterproof, sweat proof, and gentle for sensitive skin!

Unfortunately, men and women suffer from damaged eyebrows or entire eyebrow loss due to a variety of causes. These include:

Incorrect waxing or tweezing through the years
Medical conditions such as: Hypothyroidism, Alopecia, or Trichotillomania
Treatments such as Chemotherapy
Hormone Imbalances
Mineral Deficiencies
Menopause and Aging

Until now, there hasn’t been a successful solution to create the right texture, shape and feel for the eyebrow area.  Eyebrow extensions can be applied individually to existing eyebrow hairs, or directly onto the skin.  Eyebrow extensions are available a couple of thicknesses and curl types and four colors:  Dark Brown, Brown, Blonde and Auburn.  These extensions are waterproof, sweat proof, safe for sensitive skin, and can last up to 21 days on the skin when cared for properly.


Class Description

Eyebrow Extension Training

Our brow extension course is a group based hands-on training seminar.   Your 8-hour training seminar will include theory and practical applications of eyebrow extensions. You will receive a workbook and course materials, including your starter brow kit.  You’ll also be connected to our private Facebook group for on-going support and a sense of class community.

Our seminar will include a demonstration of eyebrow extension application in real time as well as a variety of videos available to us.

You will be required to bring in a live model for practical application during the seminar.  The submission of 4 additional eyebrow extension applications will be needed to satisfy the criteria for certification.  Certification will be awarded upon successful completion and approval of five clients in total.

You will submit a before and after of a client to show your level of design work and application skill.  Once your submissions meet Lash Academy's standards, you will be mailed your certification.

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*students need to arrange for their model to attend the seminar for the clinical application of the eyebrows, there will be a $150 fee assessed to anyone who needs a model provided to them